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How to Log Out of Your Cyncly Account When You Close 2020 Design Live
Knowledge - August 6, 2021
How to log out of your Cyncly account when you close 2020 Design Live.
How to register for a Cyncly Account
Knowledge - July 28, 2017
Registering for a Cyncly Account
How to Link Your Cyncly Account With Your Existing Customer Information
Knowledge - November 30, 2020
Learn how to link your Cyncly Account with your existing customer information.
How to Create a Magicplan Account from 2020 Design
Knowledge - May 3, 2019
You can create a magicplan account and link from 2020 Design.
Create a Magicplan Account and Link It to 2020 Design
Knowledge - June 29, 2018
Learn how to create a magicplan account and link it to 2020 Design.
How to Configure Your Cyncly Account to Receive Update Notifications
Knowledge - November 19, 2019
Would you like to receive update notifications? Learn how easy it is to configure your Cyncly account to receive email notifications.
How to Change Your Profile Information in Your Cyncly Account
Knowledge - May 22, 2018
When a change is required to your account profile, email, market, here are the steps to do it.
Error: Specified Account Already Exists
Knowledge - April 13, 2018
Solution to resolve the error: Specified account already exists
Magicplan account linking in 2020 Design 12.5 and higher
Knowledge - August 6, 2021
Magicplan account linking in 2020 Design 12.5 and higher
How to Create an Account and Link from Magicplan
Knowledge - May 7, 2019
You can create the magicplan link and account with the magicplan app.