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Can I Install 2020 Design v11 Alongside v9.1

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Article Number000008654
TitleCan I Install 2020 Design v11 Alongside v9.1
Applies to2020 Design
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I would like to keep my 2020 Design version 9 (v9) and install version 11 (v11)


If you have v9 installed, you can also install a newer v11.  2020 Design v11 installs independently from v9

Please note that v11 will overwrite v10.

2020 Design v11 can open older design files (kit files) however once a file has been saved in 2020 Design v11, they no longer can be used in an older release (including v10). 2020 Design files are not backwards compatible.Taking this into account it is recommended to use v11 going forward and edit your design files in the latest 2020 Design version.

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