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How to Add a Velux Window to a Sloped Ceiling

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TitleHow to Add a Velux Window to a Sloped Ceiling
Applies to2020 Fusion
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How to add a Velux Window

Adding a Velux window to your design is very simple, and can improve the design instantly. It is very important to understand that you can only add a Velux window to a sloped ceiling (not a ceiling wedge: *CW ).
Once you have a sloped ceiling positioned correctly in your room, you can now proceed to add a Velux window into your sloped ceiling. To add a Velux window, you will need to go into Elevation view.

User-added image

Once you are in elevation view, please select the wall where the lowest point of the slope is.

User-added image

Now you have the correct wall active, please switch to your catalogue items window and select your windows selector, you should see the Velux as the first option available.

User-added image

Prior to adding your Velux window, you can edit the dimensions in the fields at the bottom of the Catalogue Items window, or you can edit these after inserting into your design by changing the dimension fields in the items tab.
Please drag and drop the Velux into position on your slope. When dragging the Velux, please note that you will need to hold Ctrl on your keyboard to give you the ability to move it up and down.

User-added image
Once in position, switch back to perspective view to see the results.

User-added image

Adding a Velux Window to a Sloped Ceiling With an Indent

The steps here are the same as above, but with a couple of minor changes. The first change is you will need to change the depth of the wall as to where the lowest part of the slope is. The depth of the wall will need to match the depth of the indent. In this example, we will change it to 300.
User-added image
The second change is, when inserting the Velux, you will need to drop the Velux onto the wall first, this way it picks up the required depth.
Now you can move the Velux back up to the correct position in the slope (please remember you will need to hold Ctrl on your keyboard to move the item up and down in elevation).

User-added image
User-added image

Switch to perspective view to view the results. You will instantly notice the indent in the sloped ceiling.

User-added image

Design Tip : If you wish to see sunlight/background through the Velux window, it is important that the wall connected to the lowest point of the slope is reduced in height, ideally to match the lowest point of the sloped ceiling.

To view videos on how to achieve a sloped ceiling with a Velux window, please click on either of the below links.
Sloped ceilings 
Velux windows 

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