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How to Create Ideas Using Idea Center in 2020 Design

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Article Number000009181
TitleHow to Create Ideas Using Idea Center in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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Applies to:

2020 Design V11

1.    Open the design that you want to save as an idea or create a new design.

The design must have at least one wall or one item on the floor plan before it can be saved to the Idea Center.

2.    Begin saving using one of the following methods:

a) In the File menu, point to Idea Center and select Save to Idea Center or;

b) Select the item(s) on your design that you want to save as your idea.

User-added image

Drag the selection to any of the libraries available in the Drag & Drop list.

User-added image

3.    The Save to Idea Center dialog box opens with the list of items selected. The last used library is open.


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To use the open library, enter the Idea name and an Idea description in the fields of the Save to Idea Center dialog box.
To use a different library, select another library folder. The Idea Center message prompts you to confirm the change, since doing so will change the criteria displayed. Click Yes.

4.    Click Select to choose the 3D view that will represent this idea. This step is mandatory.

You will be able to select your ideas via the drag and drop window:

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