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How to create a waterfall countertop in 2020 Design

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TitleHow to create a waterfall countertop in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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How to create a waterfall countertop in 2020 Design

  • Place two base cabinets side by side.
  • Click on Items and Countertops & Trims.
  • Place a check in the Countertops box, select the Room_Top catalog and SQ.FT-TOP>>Square Foot Top.
  • Uncheck all other boxes and click the Add button.
  • Right click on the Countertop and click Edit Shape.
  • Click on the line at the end of the countertop, move the mouse to the right or left and type 0.5 in the X field of the Placement Tool.
  • Click the Accept Changes button to apply the countertop modification.

Note: This will extend the countertop overhang to 1.5". 

  • In the Annotations menu, click on Rectangle, click on the floorplan and move the mouse.
  • Press the TAB key twice to move focus on the Width field, in the Placement Tool and type 1.5.
  • Press TAB again to move focus on the Height field, type 26 and press ENTER.

  • Right click on the rectangle shape, click Make 3D.
  • This will bring up the Countertops dialog, make sure the selected catalog is Room_Top.
  • Double click on Counter Tops and Square Top.
  • Click on SQ.FT-TOP and click the Place button.

  • Right click on the rectangular countertop and click Attributes.
  • Click the Variables tab and click on Dimensions.
  • In the Counter top Height field, type 34.5", click Apply and OK.
  • Place the rectangular countertop against the base cabinet.




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