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How to Create and Save a 360 Panoramic View in 2020 Design

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TitleHow to Create and Save a 360 Panoramic View in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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2020 Design v11.9.*

You can generate an immersive 3D panoramic view for your customers and the view can be displayed on a web browser or on a mobile device. As a 2020 dealer/designer, you must be on Support and registered to to use this feature. Follow the steps below to create a 360 Panoramic View, including the design information and an email link: 

1. Adjust the floor plan camera if required and then launch the Perspective View that you want to use to create a 360 view.
User-added image

2. Adjust the rendering with the Rendering Dashboard tools if required, and then click File, Save As, 360 Panoramic View, or click the 360 icon in the Rendering toolbar.
User-added image

3. In the 360 Panoramic View generator dialog box, adjust the camera first and then Quality and Global Illumination.
To generate a proper panoramic view, the camera needs to be leveled horizontally and centered in the room.
If a warning is displayed, Auto-center camera. Disregard Enable Clipping.
User-added image

4.  Change the Camera Height if you want.

5.  To create the Design Information and the email link, make sure to check Open 360 panoramic view in web browser when complete. To create the Design Information and the email link without viewing the panorama first, remove the check mark for this option.

6.  Click Publish to create the 360 Panoramic View and save it to your account.

7.  In the Designer Information dialog box, make sure to fill in the fields circled in red in the following figure and then click Send.
User-added image

8. If you checked Open 360 panoramic view in web browser when complete in Step 4, the view appears in your desktop or mobile web browser. If you are viewing the panorama from a Windows web browser, navigate by clicking and holding down the mouse button or use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the view.

When done, click the Close icon or press Ctrl+W.




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