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How to Create or Modify Manufacturing Items in 2020 Manager

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TitleHow to Create or Modify Manufacturing Items in 2020 Manager
Applies to2020 Manager
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The Items Screen displays information about all the items registered in your company, from 2020 Design imported to items manually created.

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To create a new item:

  1. Click on the Manufacturing User-added image icon.
  2. Click on the User-added image icon.
  3. Click on the User-added image icon to begin creating new items.

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NOTE: New items can be created to be included in a sales order. However, doing so will not result in the same item also being added to the design file – it will only be shown within 2020 Manager. 

Start stage

Fill in the Business reference, Simple description, Type (single product, aggregate, or space), Full description, and click Next

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Note: There are language options at the top of this and each of the other stages that allow you (if required) to enter the same information in any of the languages available in the system.


Category stage

Details of the items such as Category, Unit, Amount, and Dimensions must be entered here.  

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Images stage

It is possible to upload images for representation and identification of the item. 

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Search for existing Items

1. Click on the Manufacturing User-added image  icon.

2. Click on the User-added image  icon.

3. Searching for a specific item can be done by using a combination of the item "Category" filter and the search bar on the main screen.

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Modify existing items

1. Click on Manufacturing User-added image.
2. Click on Items User-added image
3. Once the required item has been found, simply click on it and the information can then be modified, images inserted, access to the personalized documents and suppliers.

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4. We can edit all the item information, and additionally:
You can link images using the User-added image   icon under the images tab.

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Attach a new document under the custom documents tab using the   User-added image icon.

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In the supplier tab, we can edit the supplier information of the product (such as reference or cost) using the User-added image  icon and link the item to different suppliers using the User-added image  icon.

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Note: The suppliers linked to the items will be available to sell them at the deal.

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