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How to Set the Retail Factor and Cost Factor of a Design Item

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Article Number000001803
TitleHow to Set the Retail Factor and Cost Factor of a Design Item
Applies to2020 Cloud; 2020 Design; 2020 Design Live
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Applies to:

2020 Design version 12.1 and higher



The price section located in the lower part of the Cloud Browser pane allows you to set or change the Cost Factor and Retail Factor for the current 2020 Cloud item. 

1. Click the Pricing rate setup button.

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 2. Select a catalog.

3. Within the pricing section, type a value in the Cost Factor field and press <Enter>. 

4. Type a value in the Retail Factor field and press <Enter>.

Once entered, Cost Factor and Retail Factor will be updated consequently in the Pricing columns (see the capture below).

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Cost Price Result = [list – (list * Cost Factor)] for example, $100 – ($100 X 0.10) = $90, as shown in the Cost Price Result field. See capture above.

Retail Price Result = [cost + (Cost * Retail Factor)] for example, $90 + ($90 X 0.50) = $135, as shown in the Retail Price Result field See  capture above.

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