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Catalogue Downloads and Management

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Article Number000001086
TitleCatalogue Downloads and Management
Applies to2020 Fusion
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How 2020 Fusion works with catalogues

2020 Fusion is catalogue driven, so it is essential to download and install catalogues so you can get started with 2020 Fusion.
When purchasing a 2020 Fusion license along with a support contract, you will have the option to include our basic universal suite of catalogues with an option to add on other manufacturers catalogues.

Click here to see the full list of available catalogues

How to Download and Install Catalogues

1. Launch 2020 Fusion
2. 2020 Fusion will detect that you have no catalogues installed, and you will be prompted to download updates. ​Select Yes.
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3. You will now be presented with a list of catalogues, select which catalogues you wish to download. 
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4. Catalogues you do not want to download, and no longer want to see in your prompted list of updates can be hidden. Right click the catalogue(s) and select Hide.
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Note - You can restore the hidden catalogues if required. Select the Show Hidden check box, and right click on the greyed out catalogues to restore them.

5. Click OK to start the download and monitor the progress bar.
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6. Once the catalogue downloads have completed, you will be prompted to install the catalogue updates. 
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7. Please click Yes to complete the catalogue installation.




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