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How to Add Multiple Dimensions in 2020 Design

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TitleHow to Add Multiple Dimensions in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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2020 Design V11.12


You can add multiple dimensions in 2020 Design.

This feature allows users to add multiple dimensions (vertical or horizontal) between lines. 
2020 Design draws a continuous line of dimensions between the selected lines.

Multi dimensions can be done in Floor plans and Elevations.

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1. In the ANNOTATIONS ribbon, click the Multi Dimension button.

2. To set the starting reference line of the dimensions, hover the mouse pointer over the required line. This line is highlighted in green to indicate that it can be selected.

User-added image

3. When the line is green, click to select it. Blue handles now appear on the selected line. To deselect a line, point to the line and click.

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4. Move the mouse pointer to another parallel line and click to select it.

5. Repeat step 4 to continue selecting lines.

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Note: To interrupt the current process, press the ESC key.

6. Press Enter to end your selection of lines. A line of dimensions appears.

7. To fix the line and finish the process, move this line to the required position and click.

The result obtained by the steps above is illustrated in figure 1:

Figure 1
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Here is another example of multi dimensions:

Figure 2
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