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How to Create and Edit Suppliers in 2020 Manager

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TitleHow to Create and Edit Suppliers in 2020 Manager
Applies to2020 Manager
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To Create a New Supplier in 2020 Manager

  1. Click on Manufacturing.  
  2. Click on Suppliers. 
  3. Click on theUser-added image icon to add a new supplier.
  4. Make sure to enter all the basic information and click Save.

User-added image


To edit a supplier’s information in 2020 Manager

To edit and/or enter more information about an existing supplier:

1.    Click on Manufacturing User-added image

2.    Click on Suppliers  User-added image
3.    Find the suppliers that you want to edit
Note: The search option located at the top of the window can be used to find a supplier, either by name, classification, email, address, or phone.
4.   Click on the User-added imageicon to open a supplier's record.

User-added image


When editing a supplier, there are a series of tabs, each with specific sections. Each section is also edited by clicking on the User-added image  icon. 
Every tab displays the following information:


Side Tab

User-added image                             

The side tab contains the main information of the supplier:
- Name
- Rating
- Business or individual entity
- Phone
- Email
- Address


Information Tab

User-added image       

Additional Information
Where you can enter the supplier’s founded date and its trade name.

Field to classify the supplier. Note: this field supports multiple entries.

You can add any existing contact as a contact point for the selected supplier.

Here we can inform the delivery lead time, period, if this period will be as expected or a week closer,
define if the quoted period is in working days or calendar days, and define if the supplier considers
the last day of the week as being a Friday or Saturday.

External Access
External access is for giving external e-mail access either about the Suppliers Dashboard or for
any System Integrations.


History Tab

User-added image

The History tab will list any events or actions taken with respect to the supplier. For instance, the change of information.
Each event can also have files attached. These can be attached by clicking at the top of it. The user can also add a new event by clicking on the User-added image  icon.


Transport Tab

User-added image

Default Carrier
In this field, we can select one other supplier that is known as a "Carrier."

Carrier Information
We can define whether the supplier "Provides transport services” in which case we can make this supplier a "Carrier" and register carrier information like shipping percentage, minimum freight value, logistics percentage, and if this will be a calculated percentage on the basis of the sale value or purchase value.

Items tab

User-added image

In this tab, we have access to the item list referenced to this supplier and quick access to a specific item of this list via the  User-added image icon. 
HERE to see how to create or modify Items in 2020 Manager.

 Operations tab

User-added image

In this tab, we can add an increase or a discount that will automatically be applied when quoting this supplier’s items. The operations are added with the User-added image  icon, and can be made by amount, percentage, or factor. Furthermore, the "Operation" can be set to Active/Inactive or Hidden/Shown in the deal.

Note: Hidden/shown operations will control if we see this operation in the "Operation" tab on the "Deal" screen or if it will be in the "Hidden Operations" (in the same tab). Most important, hidden operations won’t show in any custom document tag, meaning that they won’t appear in the quote, as opposed to "Shown Operations."


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