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Installing a Manufacturer Catalog in 2020 Design

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Article Number000009022
TitleInstalling a Manufacturer Catalog in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design; 2020 Design Live
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Watch this video to see how to install a catalog in 2020 Design in action

Obtaining a catalog

You will need to obtain a manufacturer catalog from the manufacturer's website or on the portal. The catalog files are compressed into a .zip file (example Some manufacturers will have their catalogs with the .exe extension - to install these catalogs, simply double-click on the file to begin the installation.

User-added image  Tip: It's a good idea to download all of your manufacturer catalogs to a specific folder on your computer, external hard drive or network server. This will make it easy to find the catalog(s) during installation or when you may need them at a later date.

Installing a catalog (.zip extension)

To install a manufacturer catalog, first close 2020 Design and then follow the steps below:
  1. Open 2020 Design's Catalog Manager from your desktop icon.
User-added image

2. In the Catalog Manager window, click the Install icon.

User-added image
3. Click Next.

User-added image

4. Click '...' and browse to locate your catalog.

User-added image
If you've saved your manufacturer catalogs to a specific folder on your computer, external hard drive or network server, browse to that location to find the catalog.

5. Select the catalog .zip file and click Open.

User-added image

6. Click Next.

User-added image

7. Click Start.

User-added image
The catalog installation will start and the progress is displayed in the dialog above.

8. In the success window, click OK.

User-added image

9. Repeat to install more catalogs or click Close to exit the Catalog Manager.

User-added image
Open 2020 Design and the newly installed catalog(s) will appear in the catalog list.
The catalog .zip file is no longer needed. You can delete it if necessary or store it for future installations.

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