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Recommendations to Avoid Memory Issues in 2020 Design

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Article Number000001503
TitleRecommendations to Avoid Memory Issues in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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Recommendations to avoid memory issues in 2020 Design


Applies to:

2020 Design V11.*


What needs to be done to avoid memory issues in 2020 Design

In most cases, 2020 Design may be open for a significant amount of time.
What you can try is periodically closing the program and reopening it to release any cached memory.

An additional suggestion notes that the importing of Sketchup items and User textures tend to also affect file size and memory. As these are not our shapes or textures, there is no way to be certain as to how they may affect a design file or design.

Some tips:

Limit the size of your work area to 1 or 2 rooms. 2020 Design is a design software, not an architectural software. It was never meant to lay out an entire floor of a house. If you have multiple versions of a design, slightly different layouts of the same space or different cabinet lines, don’t put them in the same file. Have a separate file for each option. Limit your use of custom textures or at least make sure that the .jpgs you import are “lite,” meaning that they do not have a big color depth or are themselves not big files. If you have been working in 2020 Design for a long stretch, save what you are working on and close and reopen the software. This will clear the cached memory and you will be working in fresh memory space. This will result in better stability for the program.

What you can try in certain cases is to open up the BAK file that might have gotten created with that kitchen file.
It is important to note as well that the file, if accessible, will most likely have the information made upon the last manual save.                  
You will go to File and then Open, once in this dialog box you will go to the bottom where it says Files of Type and click on the drop-down arrow and select BAK files.     
You will notice that your files will be duplicated - the second of the two is a BACKUP File (.BAK

Try the following to try and save your design file should the program prompt an out of memory message when trying to save your file or generate a rendering.

1. Select the entire design and from the top menu go to Home > Copy.

User-added image

2. Close 2020 Design.

3. Open 2020 Design to a blank design and from the top menu go to Home > Paste.

Finally, ensure that the GPU drivers are up to date.



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