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Types of Installations in 2020 Fusion

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TitleTypes of Installations in 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Fusion
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2020 Fusion

How do I choose the right 2020 Fusion installation?

Installing 2020 Fusion was designed to be as simple as possible. When you launch the installer, read the introductory message and then click Next to continue.

Follow the prompts and ensure that your USB Dongle is plugged in before you continue with the installation. Select OK when you have confirmed that your dongle is plugged in. (If you have lost or misplaced your USB Dongle, please call our sales team at +44(0)1233.649700.)

The next window features the License Agreement between you and 2020. Read and accept the terms of the license and click Next to continue. 

Now input your name, and your company information. Click Next to continue.

The next step will determine your Database Installation. If your dongle is programmed to use a database, this is where you determine if you will use 2020 Fusion & connect to a database on a network, or on a colleague’s machine.

Server and Client Setup:

This is the most common setup. It gives you the option to either create a brand new (and empty!) database on your computer, or browse your computer’s network to a colleague’s computer who is hosting the database you are connecting to, or to your company server’s database location. Again, if you are unsure where to find the database your colleagues are all connecting to, ask a fellow employee.

Server Setup:

This option will create a database, for other employees to connect to. This is ideal if your company has the infrastructure to reliably host a database, and ensures that is accessible by everyone. Caution: You will not be able to use 2020 Fusion on the computer you choose to install this on.

Client Setup:

This option will install 2020 Fusion, but you will not be able to create a database – This is a suitable option for those who wish to only install 2020 Fusion, and have the installer browse to an already existing database.

Database Selection & Install process:

This window gives you two options: Create a new database or Use an existing database. You must select Create a new database only if you are starting from scratch, do not need any past designs or their customers. Once you’ve decided, click Next.

The next window specifies where a database will be created, or where 2020 Fusion will browse for an existing database. The default location is C:\Users\Public\Documents. If this is not suitable, select Browse and point the installer to the correct location.

Note: If you are browsing for an existing database, it is likely that you will have to change the file type from .MDB to .CONNECT

If you are browsing for an existing database, it is likely that you will have to change the file type from .MDB to .CONNECT


Browse to the location of the the database you wish to use, and click on it once you have found it. Select Open.

Click Next when you are done.

If you chose an existing database, a small message will appear: Backing up master database and catalogues

This can last up to several minutes, especially if the files you have selected are on a network drive or a colleague's PC.

Once the process is complete, you must select where to install 2020 Fusion. We recommend that you simply select Next.

This is the last window that appears before 2020 Fusion begins installing. It is a comprehensive review of your choices on where to store your database and its components, where to install 2020 Fusion, and your user information if you’ve entered any. Click Next if you are satisfied. The install process might take several minutes. Please do not interrupt the process. If the process is interrupted, please start the installation over from the beginning.

2020 Fusion requires a number of prerequisites to function properly, including some that come directly from Microsoft. These might install alongside 2020 Fusion, as a background process. If your computer reboots during the install process, please re-start the Installer from the beginning.

Further Information

For further information and tips, please refer to the install guide that came with your original 2020 Fusion documentation.



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