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2020 Office Catalog Installation Error Code 1620

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Article Number000009494
Title2020 Office Catalog Installation Error Code 1620
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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You receive Error Code 1620 during the installation of the 2020 Office Catalogs.  

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The Official Windows Installer Definition is that the installation package could not be opened.  
A physical issue is the most common cause. This could be caused by a dirty / damaged disc or an underperforming DVD drive.  
When the error is up on the screen, eject the disc and examine the surface for any dirt, finger prints, or scratches. Try to clean the disc with a soft cloth and then reinsert the disc back into the drive. Wait a moment and then click Retry. In some cases, cleaning the disc will allow the installation to complete successfully.  
If the error returns, another option is to record the manufacturer the error is occurring on, and then click Skip. Skipping will allow the overall installation to continue and attempt to install the remaining manufacturers.  
The ones that were skipped could then be downloaded from you 2020 Account after the overall disc installation has finished. If the problem was the disc, then the download for that catalog should install successfully.  
The manufacturer that is having trouble installing will be noted in the error message in the format of Application_MFG.MSI. Application will be either WS_ for 2020 Worksheet, CAP_ for 2020 Cap, or GIZA_ for 2020 Giza. The manufacturer will be identified by its 3-letter code.  
In the above example, The Bretford catalog (BRE) for 2020 Worksheet is having the error. 
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