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2020 Office Content Downloader FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Article Number000009296
Title2020 Office Content Downloader FAQ and Troubleshooting
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Catalog Express; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2020 Office Content Downloader? 

The 2020 Office Content Downloader allows you to select from a list of manufacturers to download and install into your 2020 Office software. 

Is there a procedure for how to use the download?

Please review this article on Using the 2020 Office Content Downloader.

How am I notified when the catalogs are updated? 

If you have an active support contract you will receive an email each month from 2020 when the catalogs are updated with the subject "Content Downloader Is Now Available". This usually occurs in the middle of the month. 

Can I store old versions of the download? 

Yes. The downloads are can be large depending on how many catalogs you download each month, but if you have the storage space you can save each month's download to a hard drive and keep it forever.

Does 2020 have legacy versions of catalogs available?

Yes. If you are looking for legacy content, please contact 2020 Office Support.

Will I continue to get the 2020 Catalog DVDs?

Yes. Unless you prefer not to and would rather use the download going forward. 2020 will be contacting customers for feedback.


Where can I find log files for the 2020 Content Downloader?

Log files are located in C:\Users\<User Profile>\AppData\Roaming\2020\ContentDownloaderLog".

I receive an error when trying to select a download location. "2020 Content Downloader. Directory "<>" is not empty. Please choose a different location."

The folder you are selecting contains another version of the Content Downloader. Select a different directly to download the files. Or delete the files in that directory before proceeding.

The 2020 Content Downloader is unable to see my network drive letters.

This issue was fixed with the March 2019 version of the downloader. This is a cosmetic issue. If you are using an older version of the Downloader simply type the drive letter and path when prompted during the download instead of browsing to it. The download should still work correctly.

I am running the Download on a Windows Server OS and when I try to start the download I receive an error "Last download file is corrupted, downloading again" but it never progresses.

Refer to the following Article - 2020 Office Content Downloader Fails to Download on Windows Server 2016.

I am unable to move or delete the downloaded files. How do I "eject" or "unmount" the virtual disc?

This is for older versions of the Downloader. In order to be able to move or delete the download you will have to "unmount" the drive letter created by the installation. 

To "unmount" a drive:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Right-click on the drive.
3. Click Eject.

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I am unable to move or delete the downloaded files. How do I "eject" or "unmount" the virtual disc?


I have an old folder containing an older version of the Downloader, but I do not know what version it is. How can I find out?

In the folder there should be a file called "DiskInfo1.xml". Open it and the Month and Year should be listed.

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