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2020 Office Content Downloader FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Article Number000009296
Title2020 Office Content Downloader FAQ and Troubleshooting
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Catalog Express; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a procedure for how to use the Content Downloader?

Please review this article on Using the 2020 Office Content Downloader.

Does 2020 have legacy versions of catalogs available?

Yes. If you are looking for legacy content, please contact 2020 Office Support.


When entering my email and password I receive an error "Security Error: Attempts to connect to the 2020 Cloud Account server had timed out. Please try your sign in later or contact 2020 Technical Support."

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1. Close the Downloader login window.
2. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Start button and choosing File Explorer.
3. Navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\20-20 Technologies.
4. Select and Delete the "ContentDownloaderPCS" folder.

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5. Run the Content Downloader again as normal and the issue should be resolved.

Where can I find log files for the 2020 Content Downloader?

Log files are located in C:\Users\<User Profile>\AppData\Roaming\2020\ContentDownloaderLog".

I receive an error when trying to select a download location. "2020 Content Downloader. Directory "<>" is not empty. Please choose a different location."

The folder you are selecting contains another version of the Content Downloader. Select a different directly to download the files. Or delete the files in that directory before proceeding.

I am running the Download on a Windows Server OS and when I try to start the download I receive an error "Last download file is corrupted, downloading again" but it never progresses.

Refer to the following Article - 2020 Office Content Downloader Fails to Download on Windows Server 2016.

I have an old folder containing an older version of the Downloader, but I do not know what version it is. How can I find out?

In the folder there should be a file called "DiskInfo1.xml". Open it and the Month and Year should be listed.

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