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2020 Office Known Issue List

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Article Number000009479
Title2020 Office Known Issue List
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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Known Issues for 2020 Cap, Cap Complete, Giza, Worksheet, and Visual Impression

Applies To: V2021.1 (released July 2021)

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2020 specification and design software are provided as tools to assist in designing and specifying products. As always, 2020 strongly recommends you fully check your work yourself prior to submitting orders. 2020 and the manufacturers it supports cannot be held responsible for incorrect specifications or drawings. Please refer to your Software End User License Agreement and Terms and Conditions for more details.


Catalog Installation - General
    • The autorun file may not launch or perform correctly on some computers. The menu may appear to freeze or display Run-time error 424 Object Required.
      Workaround: You can start both the standard install and a network deployment update of the catalogs without having to use the AutoRun menu. For a standard local install just run the setup.exe on the root of disc 1. For the Network Deployment run the network.vbs file on the root of disc 1.
    • The 2020 Office Catalog DVD set (Orange DVDs) contains multiple discs. Only Disk #1 contains the installation program. Begin installation/updates with Disk #1. If needed, you will be prompted for each additional disc. Depending on what software you have installed and what manufacturers catalogs were chosen during the setup, not all discs may be needed each month.

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      Software Installation - General

      • The 2021.1 Software is available via download only this year. No physical software DVD will be issued. The downloads can be found from MyAccount (Cloud Key Users) or 2020.Net (USB Key Users)
      • When installing the software you get The installation of  Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package appears to have failed. Do you want to continue the installation?
        Workaround: If a newer version of C++ is already on the computer, this message may display. You can safely click Yes to proceed with the installation.
      • All 2020 applications should be installed by the user with full local administrative rights.
        Workaround: Provide user with admin rights to the local PC during installation.

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      2020 CAP Designer - General

      • You install or update CAP and/or AutoCAD and the CAP Designer menu and/or toolbars do not appear in AutoCAD. Typing “CAP” at the command line does nothing or produces the error “unknown command”.
        Workaround:  Click here for instructions to integrate CAP Designer with AutoCAD.
      • Panel Builder items are not designed to be included into CAP Standards. Panel Builder items placed into a standard will not be counted in the standard or show in the Worksheet.

      AutoCAD by AutoDesk - Version Specific Issues

      • The 2021.1 Version of CAP supports AutoCAD versions 2019 - 2022 64-bit.  2020 Cap will not function with AutoCAD LT or "Lite" versions.    
      • AutoCAD 2019 - 2020 Cap Toolbars turn into Question marks when AutoCAD is subsequently launched.
        Workaround: This is corrected with the AutoCAD 2019.1.2 Update released by Autodesk on July 27 2018. You should update your AutoCAD 2019 to correct this issue. The update is available from the Autodesk Desktop App or from your Autodesk account.  

      XSITE Design Automation

      • If an XSITE drawing is opened while CAP Designer is not loaded, problems can occur. These problems may be related to saving the drawing, the removal of items from a drawing, or moving items in the drawing. In some cases these problems will be seen immediately, while in other cases they may not appear until a later date.
        Workaround: Make sure CAP is loaded (type "CAP" at the command line) before opening or working on any drawing containing XSITE components.
      • Error messages occur when using XSITE in any of the following manners inside of AutoCAD: a) within a CAP Standard; b) as a WBLOCK from another drawing; c) using COPYCLIP from one drawing to another; d) inserting one drawing into another.
        Workaround: At this time, there is no workaround to prevent the error messages. In some scenarios, the error messages occur even though there truly is not a problem with the drawing. To use elevations created in one drawing in another drawing, use the “SaveAs” function to create the second drawing.

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      2020 Giza Designer - General

      • Giza Designer is unable to import Frame Designs from another CDB Project File.
        Workaround: Frame Designs can be exported out in "Design Sets" and then imported into the required drawing as a Design Set.

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      2020 Worksheet - General

      • When trying to print a report or switching pages in the report preview a Database Login window may appear that lists a server name of WorksheetDataset with a login ID and Password field. This will interfere with proper printing of the Report.  
        Workaround: This issue is still being investigated. Click Cancel on window, and refresh or run the report again, it is likely the report will generate correctly a second time and allow the correct printing of the report.  
      • Exporting Reports to PDF may fail if Product Previews are present in some cases. It will appear to save the PDF but no PDF file gets created.  
        Workaround: Use the Microsoft Print to PDF to print your report instead of exporting it. Otherwise you can delete the preview images in the Worksheet. In Worksheet, go to the "Item" menu select "Delete>All Preview Images". Then refresh the report and try to export to PDF again.
      • Please make sure video card drivers are updated to the latest available on the video card manufacturers website.
        The Single Item Rendering while optioning may require updated drivers. Older drivers may cause the software to crash unexpectedly, causing the possibility of losing unsaved work.

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      Cap Complete Specific Issues

      • There are differences between AutoCAD and the CAD system that 2020 Cap Complete uses. 
        Workaround: While 2020 Cap Complete looks and feels just like 2020 Cap, it is not using AutoCAD for the CAD system so you may notice some differences. Most of the functions look and behave the same, but some do not. If there is a command that you are looking for, please let us know.
      • Beginning with Version 2021.1, Windows 10 or better is required for 2020 Cap Complete..
        Workaround: Click Here for the current System Recommendations.
      • 2020 Office Ribbon & 2020 Office pulldown menu are not visible at the same time. 
        Workaround: In 2020 Cap Complete you have access to the 2020 Office ribbons in the 2D Drafting & Annotation workspace and the 2020 Office pulldown in the Classic workspace. The 2020 Cap ribbons and 2020 Cap pulldown are not both visible in the same workspace.
      • When you reposition the Content Explorer, it does not stay in the new position when you restart the program.
        Workaround: The user will have to reposition Explorer and put it in its desired location after a restart.
      • The Help document for the CAD system is not available in the 2020 Cap Complete menu. 
        Workaround: Type “HELP” at the command line or press F1 to access help for the 2020 Cap Complete CAD system. To access the Help menu for the CAP Complete Specific Functions use the help button on the toolbar. 
      • Upgrading to the 2021.x version from the previous 2020.x version of 2020 Cap Complete will reset the profile back to default settings.
        Workaround: You will need to redo your customizations. We are investigating a migration feature for future upgrades.

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       2020 Visual Impression

      • When using the Side 2D View a grid appears completely covering the view.
        Workaround:  This problem will occur when you select or have selected a room item extra and then go to the Side View (Or you click on a room extra while in the Side View). Currently you will want to not have a room extra selected when going to the Side 2D View. If you see the grid, return to the top or 3D view, deselect the item (or select the floor or a wall instead), and then go back to the Side 2D View.
      • An "Out of Memory" situation may be encountered when working with very large scenes in Visual Impression.
        Workaround: Reduce the size and/or complexity of the scenes to be visualized. Make use of scene bounds to organize the drawing into multiple scenes to be visualized independently.
      • The animation recording feature in Visual Impression does not support recording across multiple monitors. Please ensure your Visual Impression window is contained completely on one monitor only when the application opens. If you notice the window spilling into the second monitor, resize the window and then close and reopen Visual Impression.
      • Visual Impression has a max limit of 30 light emitting objects. If your room scene is very large, which requires more than 30 system generated ceiling lights, you could end up with part of the room being darker or shadowed due to the lack of lighting. Make a smaller scene or manually adjust the lighting controls. Manually placing a light source in that area may be required.

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