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Create a Magicplan Account and Link It to 2020 Design

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Article Number000009182
TitleCreate a Magicplan Account and Link It to 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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Applies to:

2020 Design version 11

Follow these steps if you don't have a magicplan account and you are currently working in magicplan. You must have installed the magicplan app on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Bring up magicplan on your phone or iPad and go to My Account.

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2. Tap Sign Up for Free and then create and sign in to your magicplan account.
3. Once your magicplan account is created, open 2020 Design, click File, Preferences and MagicPlan Link.
4. Make sure to check I already have a magicplan account and then indicate the email address and password used to create your magicplan account.
5. Click Create Link.

Note: Check your emails. You can log into magicplan directly from the link provided in the magicplan email.
URL NameCreate-a-magicplan-account-and-link-it-to-2020-design



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