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Article Number000009340
TitleCustomer Data
Applies to2020 Maker
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It is through Customer Data that you register customer information, such as telephone, address, email and lead source.
This tool is important for controlling statistics regarding the progress of sales in your business, so the registration of this data will remain safe in the cloud to reuse and edit when necessary.


Access and edit this data:

1. When requesting a new project, enter the customer's data and save the project
2. To edit the data, go to the Customer tab
3. Search for the customer's name in the search field
4. Click on a customer project
5. On the right side, go to the Customer Data tab and change the necessary information
6. Add more data by clicking the Add button
7. Click Save Adicionar.png

  • Customer Data for existing projects can be changed only when connected to the internet
  • This will not prevent you from creating new projects, or registering new data, as they will be waiting in a queue
  • When the connection is re-established, the new customer data is stored in the cloud
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