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Error: Some Cloud Items Cannot Be Updated

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Article Number000008936
TitleError: Some Cloud Items Cannot Be Updated
Applies to2020 Design
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When opening a design, the following error message appears: 
“An error occurred while trying to transfer data from 2020 cloud. Would you like to try again?"

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Followed by the message:
“Some cloud items cannot be updated.”

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This happens when you change the default Market region in your Cyncly Account.
To correct this problem, access your Cyncly Account Settings and set back the Market Region of the Cloud items used in your file. 
You can check out this article for further details on how to access your profile information.

Applies to 2020 Design 11 and higher
2020 Design will not give you this error message, however the Cloud items will not be updated.

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URL NameError-Some-Cloud-items-cannot-be-updated



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