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FAQ for New 2020 Office Customers

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Article Number000008819
TitleFAQ for New 2020 Office Customers
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Catalog Express; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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User Guides

Where can I find System Recommendations?
Where can I find a software installation guide?
Where can I find product User Guides or Help?

Software Key License Management

I am a software user at my company and my company's administrator has assigned me a license. How do I active my license?
How do I use my software key to log in and out of the 2020 Office software and web site?
I am my company's license administrator. How do I assign licenses to my company's 2020 Office users? 

Downloading Software

Where can I download the full software version (ex. v2020.0)?
Where can I download incremental software updates and patches (ex. v2020.1)?
Where can I find the latest info on 2020 Office software versions?

Manufacturer Content

Where can I download all of the manufacturer catalogs at once (2020 Content Downloader)?
Where can I find instructions for the 2020 Content Downloader?
Where can I download individual/specific manufacturer catalogs?
How can I acquire legacy catalog versions?
How can I acquire a 2020 catalog that is not on the web site (not distributed by 2020)?
How can I setup a network deployment of catalogs?
Where can I find the latest info on manufacturer catalogs?

Additional Knowledge

Where can I find manufacturer specific documentation?
Where can I find training on 2020 products?
Where can I find common how to and troubleshooting answers?
Where can I find tutorial videos?

Contact 2020

How do I contact 2020 Office Customer Care (Sales / Account Management)?
How do I contact 2020 Office Customer Success (Product Support / Support Contracts)?
How do I sign up for 2020 Office Training courses?

URL NameFAQ-for-New-2020-Office-Customers



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