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How to Access 2020 Cloud from 2020 Fusion

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Article Number000008773
TitleHow to Access 2020 Cloud from 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Cloud; 2020 Fusion
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1. Register for a 2020 Cloud Account on our website.

To access 2020 Cloud and the 2020 Community, you must create a 2020 Cloud Account.

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2. Log in to 2020 Cloud

Open 2020 Fusion and select the Sign In button.
Log in using your 2020 Cloud Account username and password in the window that appears on the right.
*2020 Cloud is available in 2020 Fusion 5 and later.

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3. View 2020 Cloud News

Click on the News tab to see which catalogues have been added and find general information about 2020 Cloud.

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4. Add items to your design

Click the Browse tab to view catalogue items available in 2020 Cloud.

Select the item you want and click Add to include it in your design. It’s as simple as that!

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