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How to Add Decorative Items in 2020 Fusion

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Article Number000010396
TitleHow to Add Decorative Items in 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Fusion; 2020 Fusion live
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Applies to:

2020 Fusion & 2020 Fusion Live

How to add decorative items

To add decorative items to your plan, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Insert > Cloud Browser.

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2. In the cloud browser, go to the BROWSE tab.

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3. Click on the drop down arrow to select catalogues.

4. Select 2020 Decorative Items.

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5. You can now click on the drop down arrow again to find other criteria.

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6. You can also use the search field to type in keywords to find what you're looking for.

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7. You can either drag items into your plan or click the Add button.

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Note: If you click the Add button, the item will come in wherever your cursor is.

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