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How to Add a Sloped Ceiling in 2020 Fusion and 2020 Fusion Live

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TitleHow to Add a Sloped Ceiling in 2020 Fusion and 2020 Fusion Live
Applies to2020 Fusion; 2020 Fusion live
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2020 Fusion

Adding a single sloped ceiling.

1. Create your room utilising the wall wizard as normal.
2. In Plan View go to the Catalogue Items and select the Sloped Ceilings Tool.
     Sloped Ceiling Tool
3. In the Catalogue Items then select the required parameters.
The Slope Angle will automatically calculate based on the other entered dimensions

4. On your plan attach your cursor to the wall the slope will be applied to
Attach Cursor
5. Add your Slope that you have configured now by clicking Add from the Catalogue Items palette.

Plan With

TIP If you are going to be adding a Velux window to your Design now is the ideal time to select the wall of the Sloped Ceiling and reduce it's height to match the start of the slope.

How to add a Velux to a sloped ceiling, please click on the link below. 
     Velux windows

Adding Multiple Sloped Ceilings

1. Follow steps 1-3 as before.
2. Go to Insert and select the "Freehand Tool" 
3. On your plan click the Hotspot Hotspot at your start point and moving in a clockwise direction click on each of your Hotspot Hotspots until you reach the final Hotspot Hotspot where you double click to finalise 
 End Multi Slope

To view videos on how to achieve a sloped ceiling with a Velux window, please click the below link.
          Velux windows 

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