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How to Change the Default Style in 2020 Fusion

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Article Number000009055
TitleHow to Change the Default Style in 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Fusion
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2020 Fusion


How to change the Default Style in my existing design.
How to change the Catalogue Style and Range.


To make changes to your Default Style, please follow these steps:

1. Within 2020 Fusion, go to Home> Default Style or use the shortcut keys CTRL + Q

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2. You should then see the below dialog. Select the manufacturer catalogue you would like to make changes to and click OK.

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3. You should see the following dialog with available options.
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4. You can now make changes to the selected Default Catalogue Style.

Note: If you have set up multiple styles within your design, you can select the style you want to make changes to by clicking on Home > Default Style > Design Style.

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If you encounter any issues, please contact Customer Support at +44.(0)1233.635566

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