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How to Change the Default Style in 2020 Fusion Live

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TitleHow to Change the Default Style in 2020 Fusion Live
Applies to2020 Fusion live
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2020 Fusion Live

To change the default style of a plan, please follow these steps.

1. Ensure to not have any items selected from the plan.

2. From the Configurator, click on the style heading that requires to be changed within the Styles drop down menu.

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3. After selecting the heading of what style requires to be chosen, on the right side of the configurator appears the available choices within the catalogue. Select the one desired and this will make it the default style throughout the design for the catalogue.

4. There will appear a number in the bottom right corner within the heading menu for each category. This number represents the amount of items in the plan that have the selected style attributed to them.

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