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How to Check Your 2020 Office Software Version

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Article Number000010755
TitleHow to Check Your 2020 Office Software Version
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
Body of the Article
2020 Office is a suite of applications consisting of 2020 Worksheet, 2020 Giza, 2020 Cap, 2020 Cap Complete, and 2020 Visual Impression. Regardless of which of these programs you use, the overall software version applies to all of them. Software updates are typically released on a quarterly basis.

Note: The software version applies to the application only and is not related in any way to manufacturer catalogs which are installed and updated separately from the main software program.

How to verify your installed software version

1. Open the 2020 Worksheet application.
2. Go to the Help menu and select About 2020 Worksheet...
3. Your installed version is displayed in the Version Information area of the About screen.

Example: The example below reports version 2021.3 which was the current software version at the time this article was written.

User-added image


How to check for a newer software version

Simply compare your installed version to the current software version available for download on 2020 Account. The most current software version is always available for download in the Downloads & Catalogs section of your 2020 Account. Refer to this article for more information.


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