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How to Create a Design Window Layout in 2020 Fusion

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TitleHow to Create a Design Window Layout in 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Fusion
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2020 Fusion

Managing Planning Windows

If you would like to do your planning with more than just one window, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the View tab and click on the Manage drop-down arrow under the 'Window' section.

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2. Choose Design Window.

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3. Click on the Manage drop-down arrow again and choose Arrange All...

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4. You will then be prompted to choose how you want your windows to be displayed. 

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5. After choosing one of the above options, the windows will appear in the manner you selected.

You can now opt to have separate windows displaying different things. For example, one with the plan view and one with the items list.

6. If you want to save the windows, including what is being displayed in each one, click on the Layouts drop-down list and select New View Layout.

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7. A box will appear for you to then select a name for the layout.

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8. Any saved layouts will now be accessible across all designs within the layouts section.

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If you decide to open a presentation window instead of a design one, this will open a completely new 2020 Fusion window on your machine.
Similar to what would happen if you opened a new window in your Internet browser.

Within this window, if you left click and hold the button down, an icon will appear. This lets you move around the room using the mouse.

9. When you right click within this window, a list of options will appear.

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Freeze - This allows you to lock the particular view in place so you can no longer move around in the window.

Render Settings - Here you can choose which render is used for the window.

Named Views - When selected, a list of the named views in your design will appear so you can change between them.

Hide Title Bar - Used to hide the bar at the top of this window. 

Save Screen - This is used if you want to save the presentation window as a jpeg. 

Print Screen - Lets you print the current image in this window.

Synchronize - If this option is ticked, when you move around in the presentation window, this will be mirrored on the main 2020 Fusion window. 

Always On Top - When this is ticked, this window will show on top of the main 2020 Fusion window.

Close View - The presentation window will close when selecting this option.

Note: You also have the option to select either manual, active or live perspectives when you right click, too.

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