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How to Define Styles for an Item (module) in 2020 Maker

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TitleHow to Define Styles for an Item (module) in 2020 Maker
Applies to2020 Maker
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Define styles for an item (module)

2020 Maker is designed to allow the designer to choose the styles to be used in the design at any stage of its development. The designer can choose with her/his client, for example, the door style, box color, handle style, and color of the tops that she/he likes most before starting, during the collaboration, or even after the conclusion of the design.

2020 Maker automatically updates all views on your system by loading all the necessary textures or details instantly and transparently. Even the design budgets, when requested, will show the entire updated list, with references and prices corresponding to the items in the currently selected styles. 

In addition to allowing the selection of styles to be used in any design, it is possible to select styles to be used by only a few modules. This allows the designer to innovate, for example, merging in the same design the colors of different doors and drawers, increasing the visual appeal.

To define the styles of the module, see the options below:


Define Styles

To define the module styles:

Note: Style options vary according to each manufacturer.

Select the module and access the Tool Panel - Models. The current style for bodies, doors, fronts, and other module components is displayed:



Click on one of the tabs:

All - apply the selected styles to all modules in the space. When you apply a style within the All tab, the next modules will already be inserted in the 3D space with the style defined in the All tab.
Selection - apply the selected styles to the selected modules in the space.


Click on the current style to display the list of available options. Select the desired style and observe the change in the space.





TIP: to display all styles, click on the current style and select the Show All option to view the options available in an auxiliary window. Select the styles and click Apply to view them in the space. After setting the desired option, click OK.





Configure Template Styles

Template styles are sets of template configurations that aim to facilitate the configuration of design modules:


After defining the styles of the modules, configure the template:

Save style: click the Save New Style button mceclip0.png. Enter the name for the style and check which of them will be considered, and click OK.

Apply style: click on Apply Styles and then click on the template created that you want to apply.



Edit style: click Edit Styles mceclip1.png  to edit the template that you want to change.



  • Rename style: to edit the name of the template, select the template and click Rename mceclip1.png. Enter the new style name and click OK.
  • Remove style: to remove the template, select the template and click Remove  mceclip0.png . After, click OK.



Door Handle Style

To define the door handle style:

Note: door handles are the only item from the Decore library that receive styles. For all other items, materials apply.

Select the door and access the Tools Panel - Models. Click on the current handle styles to display the available options.





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