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How to Edit Image Frames in Drawing Layout in 2020 Design

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TitleHow to Edit Image Frames in Drawing Layout in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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You can clear or move the contents of a frame, move or delete a frame, resize a frame, lock a frame to prevent modification, and several other tasks.

Lock or unlock a frame

You can allow or prevent the ability to move a frame around. To lock a frame, click the targeted frame to select it (green handles appear), then click the Lock/Unlock Image Frame icon in the Drawing Layout ribbon.

1. Click a targeted frame.

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 2. Click on Lock/Unlock Frame in the ribbon. 

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A locked frame displays blue handles, whereas an unlocked frame displays green handles.

Resize a frame

To resize a frame, select any of the green handles and drag to resize the frame. If the frame is locked (has blue handles), you cannot resize it. 

Note: Do not go past the original black margins that outline the template when re-sizing the frames. 

Draw a frame

You can add as many additional frames to the current frame layout as you want.

Complete the following steps to add a frame to the drawing layout:

1. In the Drawing Layout ribbon, click Add Frame.

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2. Select the initial draw position (top, bottom, left or right corner) and draw the frame.

3. Click to set.

Delete one or more frames

 Complete the following steps to delete a frame:

1. Select the frame(s) to be removed (press the CTRL key to select more than one).

2. Right-click on it.

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 3. Press the DELETE key.

Warning! You cannot undo this operation.


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