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How to Enable the EZ Render in 2020 Design Live

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TitleHow to Enable the EZ Render in 2020 Design Live
Applies to2020 Design; 2020 Design Live
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Applies to:

2020 Design 12.2 and higher

Watch this video to see how to enable the EZ Render in 2020 Design Live


EZ Render (new rendering engine available with 2020 Design Live)

EZ Render is our new rendering engine (currently Beta version) that will allow you to get the most photo-realistic renderings in seconds with the push of a button. All of the lightings are automated to create the best possible and most realistic rendering. This means that the lighting is automatically calibrated for you! 


How to Enable EZ Render in 2020 Design Live?

EZ Render can be easily enabled via your 2020 Design Live Preferences. Go to Preferences - Rendering Performance and you can toggle between the 2 rendering engine options.

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Important Facts

  • EZ Render is currently available as a beta version and improvements will continue to be added to this feature
  • You will need to enable EZ Render under your Preference settings
  • The lighting is automatically calibrated
  • Speed creating the rendering is between 50% and 85% faster 
  • Materials, finishes appear photo-realistic 

Why I don't see the EZ Render option on my Preferences?

This feature will be available only if you have 2020 Design Live, any other version will not display this option under Preferences.
If you would like information about how to obtain a 2020 Design Live, you can contact us at 1-866-698-2020 or request more information. 

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