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How to Import SketchUp Model to a Design in 2020 Fusion

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TitleHow to Import SketchUp Model to a Design in 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Fusion
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2020 Fusion


How to insert a SketchUp model in a design.


If you have a SketchUp (.skp) files, you can import them into your 2020 Fusion design by following the steps below;

1. Open the design you wish to import a SketchUp model and then go to Insert > SketchUp.

User-added image

2. This will bring the Import SketchUp Model window. Select the SketchUp .skp you want to import and click Open.

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3. This will bring the Import 3D Model. Review General, Dimension and Pricing settings and Click OK to complete.

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4. Your SketchUp model will now be added to your drawing.

User-added image    User-added image

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