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How to Register for a 2020 Account

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TitleHow to Register for a 2020 Account
Applies to2020 Fusion
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2020 Fusion


How to register for a 2020 Account? How to register for 2020 Cloud?


To register for a 2020 Account, follow the steps below;

1. Run 2020 Fusion Live. You should see the below 2020 Cloud window. Click on Register.

User-added image

2. Fill in all fields with the correct information and ensure you select the correct Market Region.
Once you have filled in all details, click Sign Up.

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3. You will be sent an activation email. Please follow the instructions in this email to activate your account.
Once your account has been activated, you are ready to log in and start using 2020 Cloud including our 2020 Community.

Note: Alternatively, you can also register for 2020 Account by going to the link below and click on Create Account

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URL NameHow-to-Register-for-a-2020-Account
OwnerLarry Tamang



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