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How to Set up Catalogs Settings in 2020 Design

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Article Number000009346
TitleHow to Set up Catalogs Settings in 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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2020 Design V11.*


Please follow the below process to know how to manage catalog settings.

To assign catalog settings such as the default catalog and group catalogs, do the following:
In the File menu, select Preferences. In the Preferences dialog box, select the Catalogs pane.

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To show or hide the catalog's description in the Preferences dialog box and in the drag & drop list, select or clear Show catalog description.

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To group catalogs by the manufacturer so that whenever you need to place items on the design, you can easily find catalogs that belong to a specific manufacturer, select Show By Manufacturer.

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To display catalog name extensions if manufacturers provided incremental versions of their catalog(s), select Show catalog version.

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To insert an idea from the idea center into the current design as separate components or as one group, choose either of the following options: 

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To assign your default catalog, select the catalog that you use most frequently and then click the Set as default catalog button in the Preference toolbar. The catalog is selected in the drag & drop list the next time you access 2020 Design.

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To group catalogs under a common name:

Select the catalogs while pressing the SHIFT or CTRL-key.

Click the Create a new group button in the "Preferences" toolbar to display an entry box for the group name.

Type the name of the group and press ENTER.

To move another catalog to an existing group, select the catalog and then click the Moves selected item up User-added image  or the Moves selected item down button User-added image in the Preferences toolbar until the selected catalog appears in the group.

To move a catalog out of a group, select the catalog and then click the Moves selected item up User-added image or Moves selected item down button User-added image until the catalog is removed from the group.

To open a group of catalogs, expand the catalog group name to display the catalogs that are part of the group.

To delete a group of catalogs, select the group and then click the Delete selected group button  User-added image in the Preferences toolbar.

To rename a group of catalogs, click the Rename the selected group button User-added image  in the Preferences toolbar, type the new name, and press ENTER.

To move a catalog up or down, select the catalog and then click the Move selected item up User-added image or Move selected item down button User-added image in the Preferences toolbar.

To hide a catalog in the program without deleting it, select the catalog and then click the Hide selected item button User-added image in the Preferences toolbar.

To display a hidden catalog, select the dimmed catalog and then click the Show selected hidden items button User-added image in the Preferences toolbar.

To copy a catalog or a group of catalogs, select the catalog or group and then click the Duplicate selected items button User-added image in the Preferences toolbar. 

Note: After duplicating a catalog, you must move it into a catalog group.

To delete a duplicated catalog, select the catalog and then click the Delete a duplicated item button User-added image in the Preferences toolbar.

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