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How to Verify 2020 Office Catalog Updates

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Article Number000008824
TitleHow to Verify 2020 Office Catalog Updates
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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Methods to Update Your Catalog Content 

You may update your catalog by using one of the following methods: 

  1. Use the 2020 Content Downloader that is emailed to your account's specified content recipients each month.
  1. Use a physical 2020 Office Catalogs DVD that is shipped to you by 2020 once a month.
  1. Log into your 2020 Account and download individual manufacturer updates.

Methods to Verify Your Catalog Update 

  1. Pricing: If your manufacturer uses price zones, you may verify the Price Effective date on in Worksheet by opening a specific catalog on the Content tree and looking at the “Price Effective” next to “Zone 1”. You may also drag a single part from that catalog into a worksheet file and turn on the “PZ Description” column. View > Columns > Customize Columns > Check the box for “PZ Description” and click OK. 

Note: Not all manufacturers use Price Zones or Price Effective dates in 2020 products. If the field is empty that particular manufacturer most likely does not use that field.  

  1. General Catalog Updates: If you were not expecting a price increase, but you still need a catalog update for other reasons, you may verify the catalog version by inserting a single part into a worksheet file and turning on the “Catalog Date” column. View > Columns > Customize Columns > Check the box for “Catalog Date” and click OK. 

Note: This the date of the actual 2020 file from which the part was originally pulled. It will remain the same on a worksheet going forward. You may use this as a reference on older worksheet files to see from what catalog update an individual part was inserted. 

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