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How to Create a Magicplan Account from 2020 Design

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Article Number000008851
TitleHow to Create a Magicplan Account from 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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How to create a magicplan account from 2020 Design

Applies to:

2020 Design V11.*


You can create a magicplan account and link from 2020 Design.

Follow these steps if you don't have a magicplan account and you are currently working in 2020 Design.
You must have installed the magicplan app on your cell phone or tablet.

  • Click FILE, Preferences and then click magicplan link.
  • Make sure "I already have a magicplan account" is unchecked.
  • Type the e-mail address and the magicplan password you want to use in magicplan.
  • Confirm your password, type your first and last name and then click "Create Link."
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Note: Check your emails. You can log in to magicplan directly from the link provided in the magicplan email.

You can create the magicplan account and link with the magicplan app:

  • Create a magicplan account and the link from magicplan app to use in 2020 Design 

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