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How to Create a Contract in 2020 Manager

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TitleHow to Create a Contract in 2020 Manager
Applies to2020 Manager
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Creating a Contract in 2020 Manager


Instead of manually calculating the price and creating a quote from scratch, you can send your design, items, pricing, with one click to be used in your quote template.

Once you have imported the design, and the quote has been automatically generated, the designer\user's approval is required to be able to move on to the next step to generate the quote. To do this, make sure the option Approved is selected from the drop-down menu located on the upper right-hand side.

Follow these steps to generate your quote:


  1. Mark Quote as approved, click the arrow to progress to the Contract step.
  2. Click Generate to preview or edit the document.
  3. Print or Download.
  4. Once signed, update the Status column to reflect the correct status.

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Your contract is generated obtaining the data from the quote, and this is sent into a template contract. The image below shows an example of the final contract that you can send to your customer. 
It is possible to customize your logo in the contract by following these steps:

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