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How to Create and Manage Employee Hierarchy in 2020 Manager

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TitleHow to Create and Manage Employee Hierarchy in 2020 Manager
Applies to2020 Manager
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After registering all employees in the system, the manager may then wish to create a hierarchy in 2020 Manager that reflects the management structure of their business. In doing so, all users of the system will have visibility on not only their projects, but also on those that report to them in the management structure. 
The user at the top of the hierarchy, typically the store owner or manager, will have full oversight of the projects of all users in the business, and so on until the lower level is able to see only their projects.


To create and manage your company hierarchy

  1. Click on Settings. User-added image
  2. Click on Employees.   User-added image
  3. Click on the two bars  User-added image next to the employee's name and drag them into the free space on the side.

User-added image

a.    Once done, you can then add more users either above or below the previous user added.

User-added image
b.    The hierarchy is displayed in levels. By clicking on the first name and level, you can see the users that are below it. When clicking on one of the users, if there is someone below them, their name will be displayed. If not, you will be able to drag someone below this selected user.

User-added image

c.    Clicking on theUser-added imageicon will allow other employees to also have access to that hierarchy information. For instance, putting two managers above a group of employees will grant both access to the group's information.
Note: You can use the search bar to search for any employee name. 


How to change or remove an employee's position in the hierarchy

1.   Clicking on the two bars User-added imagenext to the employee's name and dragging them back to the employees not in the hierarchy list will remove the employee from the hierarchy.

Note: Dragging someone out will also remove everyone below that person in the hierarchy.

2.   You can also drag in between levels to change the employee's position in the hierarchy.


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