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How to Get the Best Results From EZ Render

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Article Number000008987
TitleHow to Get the Best Results From EZ Render
Applies to2020 Design Live
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2020 Design Live (V. 12.4) 


How to get the best results from EZ Render

EZ Render is designed to maximize the efficiency and quality of your rendering. It automatically applies and calibrates lighting and true material finishes.

The purpose of this article is to provide some suggestions to enhance your experience with EZ Render

Sometimes your rendering is a little bit dark - you can quickly adjust the overall brightness of your rendering by following the suggestions below: 

User-added image

Suggestion #1: Draw as much of the architecture as possible.  

User-added image
Drawing the entire space with the appropriate doors and windows allows for more natural light to come into the space:
User-added image

Suggestion #2: Adjust light effects (sun or ambient light).

User-added image
With ambient light, the slider turned up around 75%:
User-added image
With sunlight:
User-added image

Suggestion #3: Adjust the post-process effects (Pick White Point, Increase Brightness, Increase Shadows & Highlights).

User-added image
With Pick White Point:
User-added image
With increased brightness:
User-added image

With increased shadows/highlights:
User-added image

Combination of sun, increased ambient light, increased brightness, and increased shadows/highlights:
User-added image

Suggestion #4: If there are limited doors and windows, you can also place lighting fixtures from the ROOM_FUR local catalog.

User-added image


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