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Magicplan account linking in 2020 Design 12.5 and higher

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Article Number000009988
TitleMagicplan account linking in 2020 Design 12.5 and higher
Applies to2020 Design; 2020 Design Live
Body of the Article
Simplified magicplan account linking

It will no longer be possible to create a magicplan account from within 2020 Design. The credentials (E-mail and Password) in the MagicPlan Link pane of the Preferences window are based on magicplan ID. This means that before you can create Link in 2020 Design, you must have created an account from magicplan. The checkbox ''already have a magicplan account''has therefore been removed from the preferences window since it is no longer needed

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Learn more about installing and creating a magicplan account
URL NameMagicplan-account-linking-in-2020-Design-12-5-and-higher



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