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Managing Software Keys with 2020 Office Products

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Article Number000008775
TitleManaging Software Keys with 2020 Office Products
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Cloud; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
Body of the Article

This article is intended for account administrators managing multiple licenses for a single organization for 2020 Office Products (2020 Cap, 2020 Giza, 2020 Worksheet and 2020 Visual Impression).


As the administrator of the your company's 2020 Office software (referred to as “Admin” in this article), you are responsible for assigning rights to users within your company. The process of assigning these rights begins by inviting your fellow employees to participate. The email address that you use is the most important part of this invitation. If a user already has a 2020 Cloud account, they can use that account for their organization as well. If the user has an account, and wants to keep using it, find out what email address they used when registering their account.

Best Practices

Add "" to your corporate whitelist. All invitations and communication relating to 2020 Cloud accounts will come from this email address.

If you know the product(s) a user will be accessing, assign them when initially inviting them. Setting it at the beginning saves time and effort for both the user and administrator if it’s handled at the beginning.

If you DON’T know which products a user will use, it’s possible to assign them later, it’s just a bit easier to do when inviting the user.

Ask users to keep an eye out for their emailed invitations, and subsequent communications, and to promptly follow the instructions each email includes.   

Adding and Inviting New Users

1. Going to Mouse over the Community icon in the upper right corner. Click on “Sign In”.
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2. Sign in using the email address and password that used when creating the account.

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3. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see the main page again. Click on the same Community icon as before and then choose “My 2020 Cloud Account”.  

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4. Your 2020 Cloud Account page will appear, where you can verify your personal information.
5. Along the left side of the page, click on “Manage Users”, and you’ll see the screen where you can add new users, see existing users, and manage the products and services for your company’s users.

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6. To add new users, click on the “Add New User” link.  Doing so will present this screen.

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7. Enter the information for your user.  Ensure that the email address is correct. The invitation and the user’s future sign-ins will use this email address.

8. After entering the user’s information, you can set the Assigned Products. It saves time and effort to assign products when inviting the user.

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9. After entering the user’s information, and the Assigned Products set, click on the Add button. A message will appear saying that the user is invited.  Click OK and you may add another user.

Accepting the Invitation

The invitation sent by the Admin contains a link.  Clicking on this link accepts the invitation.  

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The link will lead to a page where the user will either create an account or sign in using an existing account. It is important that the email used at this stage is the same as that provided by your administrator and used for the invitation for both new accounts, or as part of the sign in for an existing account. Only the email address that was invited will be able access the assigned products. If you already have a 2020 Cloud Account connected to the email address provided by your Admin, use the "Sign In to your 2020 Cloud Account" side of this screen, entering your existing email and password.

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Entering all the information, including the same email address provided by the administrator, and then clicking the Register button will complete the creation of the account. A message will appear that mentions another email will arrive with instructions to confirm the account. If you already have a 2020 Cloud Account connected to the email address provided by your Admin, use the "Sign In to your 2020 Cloud Account" side of this screen, entering your existing email and password.
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The account activation email will include a link like the one seen in the invitation email.
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Clicking the link will open a web page which confirms the account is now active. Click on “View your Profile” and screen where you’ll sign in using your new account information.
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Once signed in, you’ll see the invitation within your account to participate in your company's software keys.

Clicking in the Accept button will put you into Account Settings.  At this point, the invitation to participate is complete and the 2020 Cloud account is ready.

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Administrative Functions

Verifying Account State 

Within “Manage Users”, the state of an invitation status is visible.  Expanding the list of users will show either and envelope icon, or a check icon.  An envelope represents that an invitation has been sent.  A check represents an accepted invitation.

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Deleting a User

Within “Manage Users”, an Admin can delete a user.  Deleting a user is done by clicking on the trash can icon at the far right end of the user’s row..

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After clicking the trash can icon, a confirmation screen will appear.  Clicking “Delete User” will remove the user from the list.

Assigning a Product

If a Product wasn’t assigned when the user was invited, or you need to change which product(s) are assigned, you can do that within Manage Users. If a user doesn’t have any “Select” will at the right end of the user’s row. Clicking in this field will show a list of available products. Clicking on a product will select that product combination for that user.  

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If you need to assign a different product to a user, you must first remove the currently assigned products. To remove a user’s product, within Manage Users, click “Manage Products and Services”. Locate the user’s currently assigned product on the list, then pick in the field that says, “X Users Selected” (“X” being the number of users assigned that product).  Find the user you want to change, and uncheck the box next to their name.  The user now has no assigned product.  

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To assign a product to this now product-free user, you can either select one of the other products within “Manage Products and Services” or you can go back to “Manage Users” and find the specific user in its list, and assign the product there.  Assigning a product through “Manage Users” is a surer method of assigning a product. 

Available Products

The “Product Summary” section of the Admin 2020 Cloud account shows the products available to your company, and the number of licenses each.  This section also shows how many are available to be assigned to users.

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