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Using Software Keys with 2020 Office Products

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Article Number000008778
TitleUsing Software Keys with 2020 Office Products
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Cloud; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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Introduction to Software Keys

If you have one, your dealer admin will invite you by email to use a software key. They will inform you of the process to follow to activate your 2020 My Cloud Account. 2020 My Cloud Account will allow you to see the products that you are licensed to use and contains your user profile for software keys and the 2020 Community.

Software keys require a user to “Sign-in” with their user credentials to use the software. 

Once you sign-in with your software key, you will remain signed in until you choose to sign out. 

Signing in to one 2020 Office application also signs you in to all other 2020 Office applications that you are licensed to use. For example, if you sign in to 2020 cap, you are also automatically signed in to 2020 Worksheet.

You can close your 2020 Office applications without signing out, but you need to remember to sign out if you want to work on another computer. For example, you can install 2020 Office applications on a computer at work and at home, but will need to remember to sign in and out as necessary to work on each one.

When you sign out of a 2020 Office application, you will be signing out of all 2020 Office applications. If you are working on something, you will be automatically prompted to save and the applications will close. 


for 2020 Cap

1. Ensure that any physical security device relating to 2020 applications is removed.  

2. Open AutoCAD as normal.   

3. Load 2020 Cap in your normal way.  (Typing “CAP” should always work.)  

4. A 2020 Cloud dialog will appear.  In this dialog, enter the email address and password used when creating your 2020 Cloud account.  

5. Click the “Sign In” button and the 2020 Cloud server will be contacted, where your information will be authenticated, and a license acquired.    

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6. The 2020 Cloud dialog will disappear, and 2020 Cap will be loaded.

7. A new menu entry will be visible on the 2020 Cap menu, titled “Cloud”.  Clicking on this menu selection displays the username of the user that is signed in. This same menu entry can be used to sign-out of 2020 Cap.

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Worksheet take-off out of 2020 Cap
When doing a worksheet take-off out of 2020 Cap, 2020 Worksheet does not require a sign in.  Remember that a sign-in to any 2020 Office application persists for all other licensed 2020 Office applications.  


for 2020 Giza, Worksheet and Visual Impression

When opening 2020 Worksheet or 2020 Visual Impression, the 2020 Cloud sign-in dialog will automatically appear.  The sign-in process is the same as that used in Cap: enter the email used for the account creation, enter the password, and click the “Sign In” button.

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Signing Out

Signing out of 2020 Cloud is easily done. Going to the application’s menu entry for Cloud will show the currently signed-in user. Clicking on this username will sign out of 2020 Cloud. Signing out of 2020 Cloud also requires that the application is closed.

2020 Worksheet
Within Worksheet, a “Cloud” menu exists, accessing this menu shows the currently signed-in user. Clicking on this will sign out the current user.  

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2020 Visual Impression
Within Visual Impression, a “Cloud” entry exists.  Clicking this entry shows the currently signed-in user. Clicking on this will sign out the current user.  

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If an application has an unsaved file and is closing as the result of a sign-out, a prompt will appear allowing for the file(s) to be saved.

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Single sign-in; single sign-out
Signing out of 2020 Cloud in one 2020 Office application will force a sign out of all 2020 Office applications.  When multiple applications are open, and a sign-out is done within one of them, the current application will close and the other application(s) will appear with a message explaining that app 2020 Office applications must be closed due to the sign-out in one application. 

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If any application that is closing due to the sign-out has an unsaved file, a prompt will appear to save the changes.


One Sign-in

A sign-in for 2020 Cloud persists across any and all 2020 Office applications.  Unless the specific action of a Sign Out is done, the user remains signed into 2020 Cloud.  Closing an application does not sign a user out.  Even restarting or shutting down the computer and later starting again has no impact on the sign in.

No Internet Access
When there is no internet connection, the 2020 Cloud service can’t verify license activity.  In this case of no internet connection, access is given to 2020 Office applications for seven days.  The number of days will decline each day.  A message will appear indicating that the connection has been lost, and how much time remains to continue using the applications.

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The menu pick within the 2020 Office application will show “No Connection” rather than the signed-in user.

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Once an internet connection is restored, 2020 Cloud will connect to its server and the message will no longer appear.  Likewise, once an internet connection is restored, the menu pick will also show the currently signed-in user again.

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