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Using the Single Corner Cut (Edit Worktops) in 2020 Fusion

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Article Number000009231
TitleUsing the Single Corner Cut (Edit Worktops) in 2020 Fusion
Applies to2020 Fusion; 2020 Fusion live
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Applies to:

2020 Fusion and 2020 Fusion Live

Using the Single Corner Cut (Edit Worktops) in 2020 Fusion

Please see the steps below for using the Single Corner Cut tool:

1. Go to Insert Auto Features.

2. Click on the drop down arrow and select Edit Worktops.

Note: This can also be accessed when running Auto Features and ticking the Edit Worktops box.

Edit WT

3. Make sure the Single Corner Cut tool button is selected. 


Single Corner Cut

4. Select a corner to cut by left clicking on one of the red squares.

Corner Point

5. You can now cut your selected corner by moving the mouse and left clicking when you want to stop.

Alternatively, you can enter the exact measurement in the X and Y offset after left clicking the red square and simply pressing Tab after entering the value of X and Enter once you have inputted the value of Y.


6. Once you have cut your required corners, click through the Next Stage buttons and click Finish.



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