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Welcome to 2020 Office (For Account Admins)

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Article Number000008690
TitleWelcome to 2020 Office (For Account Admins)
Applies to2020 Cap; 2020 Cap Complete; 2020 Giza; 2020 Visual Impression; 2020 Worksheet
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Welcome to 2020 Office 

Congratulations on your purchase of the 2020 Office Software! What are the next steps? The purpose of this guide is to help a new account admin get their employees started with 2020 Office. 

How to Invite Users and Assign Licenses (For Admins)

As the administrator of the your company's 2020 Office software you are responsible for assigning licenses to users within your company. The guide below will walk you through the process of inviting users and assigning licenses.

Managing Software Keys with 2020 Office Products (For Admins)

If you would like to help your users prepare for the arrival of their invitation email the article below includes screen shots for the users.

Becoming a Software Key User with 2020 Office Products (For Users)

How to Download the Software and Manufacturer Catalogs (For Admins)

Your 2020 Office software is divided into two parts: the Software and the Manufacturer Catalogs. Both will need to be installed in to be able to start building your spaces.

Once a user has accepted your invitation, created their account, and been assigned a license, they will be able to log into My Account and download their software. As an admin you may also choose to download the Software and Catalogs yourself and distribute them to your users in whatever manner you see fit.

How to Download 2020 Office Software and Catalogs from My 2020 Cloud Account

Downloading Manufacturer Catalog individually may work for your designers if you only specify a handful of manufacturers. However, if you use a large variety of manufacturers or you simply want more control over distribution of catalog to your designs (for example, a network deployment to save local computer space) there is another option available. Our 2020 Office Content Downloader is a tool that can download every available manufacturers catalog in a single download. This tool is updated once per month and emailed out to a or admin user of your choice. As a new customer you will automatically be put on the Downloader mailing list. 

A detailed article on how to use the monthly 2020 Office Content Downloader is available below.

How to Use the 2020 Office Content Downloader

How to Get Started with the Software (For Users)

Welcome to 2020 Office (For New Users)
How to Log In and Out of the Software or Web Site
How to Download 2020 Office Software and Catalogs from My 2020 Cloud Account
FAQ for New 2020 Office Customers

How to Contact Support

Schedule an Appointment with a 2020 Support Agent
Email Support: Contact Us - Support

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