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Working with Favorite Items (Modules) in 2020 Maker

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TitleWorking with Favorite Items (Modules) in 2020 Maker
Applies to2020 Maker
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Favorite Items (modules)

Through the Favorites tool, you can save modules or compositions for use in other designs. When adding an item to Favorites, a new tab is added to the software.

Save Module as a Favorite

Right click on the item (module) or group of modules you want to add to your Favorites and select the Add to Favorites option.


In the Favorites Modules, register:

Favorites informationenter a name to be displayed below the module design in the modulation bar and a more detailed description about the module or set that will be displayed when placing the mouse over the item in the modulation bar.

After entering the information, click on the Forward button.



Image - position the module, select one of the rendering options and configure the light. This will be the way the favorite item will be displayed in the module bar.






After changing the information, click on Forward button.

Modified Aggregates - defines whether the dimensions and position of the module's aggregates, which were changed in the 3D space, will be maintained.

Local - defines a location to save the favorite within the Favorites line. Use the Create button to create groups and/or subgroups of favorites. It is possible to create a group called Bedrooms and within this group, create other groups such as Wardrobes. For example:




Click on Finish.

The item or group of items is inserted into the modulation bar:


5. The insertion of the favorite in the design occurs in the same way as the other modules available in Promob.

6. To remove and edit favorite items and groups, right click on the item or group and select the desired option.


Organize Favorites

The organization of favorite items is done in the insertion wizard window. After adding favorite items in groups and subgroups, simply select the favorite and drag it over the name of the desired group. 

To move favorite items between existing groups:

Access the bookmark insertion wizard window by adding a new module or right click on a bookmark already saved and select the Edit option.


When choosing the location of the item, create subgroups of materials to facilitate their organization and location. For this, select the group and click the Create button to define a subgroup:


Move materials from one group to another. Click on the item and drag it over the group name.








Export Favorites

To export items saved as Favorites:

Go to File > Export > Favorite Modules:


Set the directory and file name and click Save.

When the export process is complete, click OK on the displayed message.


Import Favorites

To import items saved as Favorites:

IMPORTANT: Importing favorite modules will replace the existing ones.

After exporting your favorite modules, go to File > Import > Favorite Modules.


Locate the file to be imported and click Open.

When the import process is complete, click OK on the displayed message.



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