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Lighting Features Are Greyed Out?

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Article Number000009320
TitleLighting Features Are Greyed Out?
Applies to2020 Fusion
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Applies to

2020 Fusion version 6 and above


I am adding lights from Universal Lighting to my plan, but when I select and attempt to change the Intensity this feature is greyed out?
The Manage Lighting areas button is also greyed out.


This issue is caused by an outdated Universal Lighting catalogue, more specifically Universal Lighting 172_1 and prior versions of the catalogue.

For 2020 Fusion V6 and newer, we have optimized Universal Lighting, you will need to be using Universal Lighting 181_0  or newer.

To check for catalogue updates please follow these steps:

  1. If you are in a design, please close the design
  2. Go to the File menu 
  3. Select Manage Catalogues
  4. Click on Check For Updates
If no update for Universal Lighting is available to download, please contact the 2020 Fusion Support team on 01233 635 533 or email 

URL Namecannot-adjust-the-intensity-of-lights-or-use-the-manage-lighting-feature



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