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How to Create or Modify Surveys in 2020 Manager

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TitleHow to Create or Modify Surveys in 2020 Manager
Applies to2020 Manager
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Surveys are a powerful feature that allows you to change the questions during the briefing stage of your project workflow. 
During your 30-day trial, you have access to this area. After your trial, you cannot make additional customizations to the template unless you upgrade to the 2020 Manager Foundation edition.

How to edit surveys

  1. Click on Configurations.
  2. On the submenu, click again on Configurations
  3. Click on Surveys
  4. Select the survey that you would like to change and click on the pen icon to access the edit controls as shown below.

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We can customize your survey to fit and highlight how you do business. We encourage you to book a time for a custom document drafting session with one of our product professionals:

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