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How to Modify Dimensions of an Item

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Article Number000009541
TitleHow to Modify Dimensions of an Item
Applies to2020 Cloud; 2020 Design; 2020 Design Live
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2020 Design version 12.1 and higher



The options available under the Dimensions list vary according to the item that you choose.

1    On the floor plan, select the item that you want to resize. 
2    In the Features section, click the Attributes header to display associated categories.

User-added image

3    Click the Dimensions header to display associated dimensions types.

User-added image

4    Click Width, Height, or Depth. For example, Width, and enter the text required, for example, 40, as shown in the figure below.

User-added image

5    To apply your changes, click Apply.
To cancel your changes and retrieve the initial components, click Reset.


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