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AutoCAD DWG File Prep Guide for 2020 Giza

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Article Number000001361
TitleAutoCAD DWG File Prep Guide for 2020 Giza
Applies to2020 Giza
Body of the Article

AutoCAD DWG File Preparation

If a DWG file does not import as expected into 2020 Giza, provide this article to the architect or AutoCAD user who provided you the DWG file. These are some of the more common steps that the 2020 support team performs in AutoCAD to correct various import issues.

1. Make a Save As... copy of the DWG file so that the original is kept as-is and not altered by any of these steps. Then provide the modified DWG to the 2020 Giza user.
2. Switch to Model Space if currently in a layout or paper space view. 2020 Giza will only import objects and layers as seen in model space. Make sure the model space layout is the desired file you are attempting to share.
3. Bind all external reference drawings (Xrefs). The 2020 Giza application can only import what is contained in a single DWG file.
4. Unlock all layers.
5. Any layers currently frozen set to off instead.
6. Run the AUDIT command to detect and fix any errors in the file.
7. Run the PURGE command and perform a Purge All of the file.
8. Set all layer lineweights to the "Default" value.
9. Run the command SETBYLAYER for ALL objects answering Yes to change ByBlock to ByLayer and Yes to Include Blocks.
10. EXPLODE any Architectural Block elements (AEC Objects) such as walls, doors, and windows.



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